Weekend Reading

Hey there friends. Yesterday I binge watched the new Amazon series Modern Love, all 8 episodes in a row, have you seen it yet? Each episode is a beautiful and different story of how love shows up in many forms, some are real tearjerkers. They are based on the 15 year column Modern Love in the New York Times (it’s also a podcast). I enjoyed every episode, and I can’t wait for a second season!

It’s a beautiful day today, sunny with a slight breeze, and the leaves are beginning to fall from the trees. I’m going for a long walk, then hanging my new wall sconces, I’ll share all about them tomorrow! Enjoy your Sunday.

Favorite links from the week:

Very cool: the moody palette and textures in this modern bachelor pad. (Page 42)

Brownstone renovations in Brooklyn.

Lovers of white interiors should bookmark this family friendly beach shack.

How nice to see brown making a comeback. (I’ve always loved it. Um, hello chocolate.)

Reasons why happiness can be found living in a smaller home.

The difference between comfort and growth.

Funny and true: Thursday is the best day. (some language)

These candles make me laugh.


Only 10 days till Halloween, from the archives, a few crafts and printables:

DIY Spiderweb Treat Bowl 

DIY Glitter Spiderwebs

Printable: Kid juice box labels 

Printable: Boo Game