Weekend Reading 9.27.20

Weekend Reading 9.27.20

Hey friends, hope you are well! I am having a great weekend! It was my birthday on Friday so we went on a zipline adventure high above the tree tops with Canopy Tours, it was a blast! I highly recommend it if you’re in Northern California.

Today I’m going for a bike ride with my son then out to dinner with my family in Sonoma. There’s a great Italian restaurant  (I mentioned it here) that has outdoor dining in their courtyard and I always love strolling the Sonoma Plaza in the late afternoon on a beautiful fall day like this.

Favorite links from the week:

This exterior designer has an amazing portfolio. He also wrote a book.

This Florida home is well decorated with coastal vibes, I love the checkerboard landscaping.

Inspiration: turn a blank wall into an entertainment beverage center.

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