X-Rite at Photokina

Any time you hear “monkey” in a press conference, you know the day is going to be different. And any time the director of marketing is addressed as “doctor”, you know you are at an X-Rite press conference.

X-Rite manages color. They can manage it at the camera level with color checker charts, they can manage it at the display level with photometers and they can manage it in printers with partnerships with companies like HP and Epson.

Not new for Photokina, the ColorMunki system comes in various options depending on what kind of workflow you are involved in. (Darn, I almost made it through a whole Photokina without saying “workflow”!)

But what is new is the partnership with Wacom, so that their Cintiq line of pads can come with a ColorMunki. (Does that mean you get the color management monkey off your back?) They are also teaming up with Lenovo (the company that took over IBM’s PC division) to create a ThinkPad laptop with built in calibration.

(I’m guessing X-Rite is hoping that color management being embedded into devices is a good way to go. I don’t disagree. I was talking with someone from Nik Software about sharpening and we discussed the need for sharpening based on output. He and I agreed that it would be cool if output devices could be involved in the sharpening process.)

One other piece of news from X-Rite was another partnership, and that is with HP. They are already involved with the built-in profiling of the Z-series printers, so this latest news is about the HP DreamColor display. They worked together with HP to develop color control and color-space calibration.

Okay that sound a bit like marketing speak… but why I brought up this last piece of news is because if you have a chance to see the 24-inch LCD display, do whatever you can to see it. It can display (not convert, but display) seven different color spaces. It is gorgeous.